Lakeside WEEschool

‍‍‍“The education of children for God is the most important thing done on earth.” –R.L. Dabney

Lakeside Baptist WEEschool is a ministry of Lakeside Baptist Church. We are a Weekday Early Education program that provides a safe and loving learning environment for children, giving them the opportunity to grow spiritually and socially.  Our purpose is to extend the ministry of Lakeside Baptist Church by providing love, care, and education to families within our community. As a ministry, we know that we are called to serve more than the students enrolled in our program; mothers and fathers, grandparents, and siblings are not excluded from our prayers and support. LBC WEEschool is staffed with wonderful teachers who love the Lord and feel that He has placed a calling on their lives to work with children. They consider it a true blessing to teach children about the God who created them and loves them. Our teachers are committed to praying for the children in their care and their families on a daily basis. Every day, our students attend Chapel: a place where they can gather together in worship and learn Bible memory verses. God's word is revealed to them each and every day through Bible stories, dramas, poems, and puppet shows. Students are exposed to a variety of worship music, allowing them to hear and play many different types of instruments. In addition to Chapel festivities, Lakeside Baptist WEEschool uses the A Beka Book curriculum, which helps our program provide a strong foundation for learning. We believe that each child is a gift from God who is fearfully and wonderfully made. Each is special and should be cherished and recognized for the unique little individuals that they are... That is what we strive to accomplish here at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool.

Amy Briggs, Director

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‍‍‍My name is Ms. Angie, and I teach the one-year olds! I’m proud to say that I have been a toddler teacher since 1999, but I started working at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool in October of 2008! I love your precious little ones, and I’m so thankful that you share them with me. I am one blessed mom to a wonderful son, Taylor. He is 20 years old and half way done with college! He attends Tarleton. Some of my favorite activities are hanging out with my son, getting pedicures, shopping at Target, and going to Zumba class. I also love the color coral, leopard print, snicker bars, Mexican food, and Dr. Pepper. Nothing is better, though, than spending time with my sweet students.

‍‍‍My name is Mallory Oakes, and I have been at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool since 2011. I started out as a substitute teacher, later becoming a teacher’s helper. Now, I have had my own classroom for 3 years! I have always had a passion for working with kids, and I love the two-year olds. I am married, and we have a two-year old and a second baby due in November! I attend Stonewater Church, and I love the Lord completely.  Our goals in class are to learn our colors, shapes, and numbers! We also learn how to sit quietly at circle time and to sit in a chair at the table by ourselves. I look forward to another great year with wonderful students!

‍‍‍My name is Shelia Norris, and I teach three-year olds in the‍‍‍ Zacchaeus Room. I have been teaching for 33 years, and I spent most of that time with three-year olds. I took time off to have my son and home school him until he was in the 7th grade. He is 22 years old now, and I love him more than anything.  I began working at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool in 2008, and I have loved it ever since! Teaching children is my passion. They bring such joy to my life. This is going to be a great year! Thank you for sharing your blessing with me.

‍‍‍I would love to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself and how God has led me to teach at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool. I'm married and have one child. My family and I are members here at Lakeside, and we also volunteer in children's church on Sundays when we can. Before coming to the WEEschool, I worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), taking care of the elderly for four years. Taking care of people, old and young, has always been my passion, but after four years of working with the elderly, I felt the Lord was leading me to work with children. My first experience working with children was at Circle of Life Learning Center in their school-aged class. I loved working with the schoolers, but God had a bigger plan for me. So, after about four months there, I went back to taking care of the elderly, and the Lord placed me with a wonderful, allowing me to take care of their mother. I took care of their mother for two years, and after she passed away, I took abreak from that job and asked God to lead where he wanted me to go next. That's when Mrs. Briggs asked if I would like to become part of her wonderful team as a substitute teacher. I was so happy to join the team, and after my first day, I knew this is where God wanted me to be.

I love working at Lakeside Baptist WEEschool! I feel joy whenever I enter this building! It is a place where Christ is the center of all that we do. To let you know a little about me, I am a mother of four grown children who have blessed me with four beautiful grandchildren. They are the joy of my life! I have lived in Tolar for 28 years. Professionally, I have worked with children for the last 10 years. I love helping children reach their full potential at all stages of development! As for education, I have a Bachelor’s degree in counseling. As part of this education, I havelearned about human development from infancy to the elderly. This information has been usefulin working with children of all ages. Our goal this year in Pre-K is to help present children to the world who are spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically prepared. We do this through play, hands-on learning, andBible time, as well as structured teaching. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working with your child this year!

‍‍‍Our teachers are crucial to the quality of our program. Providing physical care is just the beginning of building trusting, secure relationships needed for children to thrive. Our teachers have been carefully chosen for their warmth and nurturing skills. They are sensitive to the individual and recognize that each child is unique and different. Our teachers participate in an extensive amount of professional development, including leadership training conferences, staff meetings, and continuing education courses. Each teacher is required to obtain at least 24 hours of enrichment training per year, ensuring that they are more than equipped to serve our students. They are CPR and First Aid certified, and they undergo broad background checks, which include FBI fingerprinting and Ministry Safe. While there are many characteristics that make our teachers great, their love for the Lord and dedication to serving Him shines the brightest. Your children will undoubtedly love their teachers!


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